CMMS support videos

Explore our extensive library of CMMS support videos to get you up and running to take your maintenance software to the next level.

Product videos

These are short introductory CMMS support videos that show you the main features of Maintenance Assistant CMMS.

This 5 minute CMMS support video takes you through the main functions of MA CMMS maintenance software.

The power of MA CMMS in the palm of your hand. Work orders, updates, purchase requests and more, anywhere you need it.

This video shows you how easy it is to sign-up and get started using your own CMMS.

Introduction webinars

CMMS support videos focused on introductory sessions that walk you through the main parts of your CMMS. They are less detailed than the other CMMS support videos on this page, but they will give you a great general overview.

This 41 minute video will teach you how to enter machinery, equipment and locations into the system. This is your starting point.

This 54 minute webinar will show you how to create, complete and delete work orders. You will also learn how to use the overall work-order listing window.

A 4 minute overview that demonstrates how all of the features of Maintenance Assistant work together.

Basic setup

CMMS support videos that guide you through the first and most basic part of setup, populating your asset hierarchy with a few facilities and pieces of equipment.

Learn how to set up your CMMS easily and effortlessly with this quick guide.

Efficiently organize your assets by building an asset hierarchy.

Everything there is to know about adding and navigating asset information within your CMMS.

Basic workflow

CMMS support videos that help you create work orders and work requests.

Find out how easy it is to turn a work request into a work order by assigning technicians, creating tasks and adding parts.

Submit work to the work request queue for approval of a maintenance administrator or coordinator.

A complete overview of the calendar system in MA CMMS.

Tutorial for the assigned work orders page

Intermediate setup

CMMS support videos that will show you how to add more detailed data to your assets, users and work orders.

Set up tasks to be completed during scheduled maintenance, assign them to users and define the triggers that will automatically generate future work orders.

Set up a new CMMS user with name, role, username, password, resume and other contact information.

Organize your users and customize what they can see and do in the CMMS.

Learn how to add parts and supplies to your CMMS.

This 90 second video will show you how to use parts for scheduled maintenance operations

Save commonly used tasks into a task group instead of re-entering them every time. Learn how!

Set up notifications for a variety of maintenance related events and triggers.

A detailed look at scheduled maintenance triggers in MA CMMS

Learn how to consume parts in work orders

Intermediate workflow

CMMS support videos that will show you how to extract some basic data from the system, and a few nifty features with work orders.

Drill down into your maintenance data with the reporting function.

Manage complex work orders with projects.

Learn how to add additional labour to a single task in work orders.

Learn how to build a simple nested PM to stack scheduled maintenances tasks at different intervals.

Advanced setup

CMMS support videos that take you through the advanced setup to highlights some of the advanced features of Maintenance Assistant.

Keep track of parts inventory, location and quantity. Make sure you always have parts on hand and information is kept in one place.

How to add and utilize businesses in MA CMMS.

Adding users and user groups to parts and supplies in MA CMMS.

Using the rotating assets feature to control and monitor replaceable assets

Advanced workflow

CMMS support videos that show how features in the advanced workflow section are for automating some of the more advanced features in MA. For instance, if you run the same report every week, or want to email supplier automatically when stock is running low, then this section will guide you.

Find out how to build a BOM of consumable parts and add it to your assets.

Learn how to configure the reports scheduler to send out reports automatically from the CMMS.


CMMS support videos that take you through the purchase order module that helps customers effectively control the flow of consumable and repairable maintenance parts throughout their organization directly from their maintenance software.

This video outlines the various ways of submitting purchase requests in MA CMMS.

Set up your parts to automatically trigger RFQs from your selected suppliers.

Find our how they are prepared in MA CMMS.

How to set-up and edit the purchase settings in your CMMS.

Find out how purchase orders are processed in MA CMMS.

See how to handle receipts and receiving purchase orders in MA CMMS


CMMS support videos that take you through customizations of lists and menus which can be modified to better suit your needs.

Setting up asset categories and assigning assets to them.

Keep track of more data with your own custom fields.

The status of a work order indicates its position in the processing cycle. Learn how to set up your own custom statuses.

Learn how partition your data by location by configuring your CMMS for multi-site.

Learn now to configure your CMMS settings to get the most out of your system

Modify the settings for maintenance and work orders

Customize work requests to expand details,  increasing clarity and efficiency.

Empower your maintenance team

Leverage the cloud to work together, better in the new connected age of maintenance and asset management.

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