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What’s so great about cloud maintenance software?

Maintenance Assistant lets you securely run maintenance and asset management software over the Internet without having to buy, install, or manage any hardware.  Just open your web browser, login, and start working today.

Just turn it on

Simply sign up, open your browser, log in, and start using your web-based CMMS  software that day. Get up and running in minutes, not weeks.

Reduce your costs

The cloud eliminates upfront hardware costs, provides free upgrades, and all software maintenance is done by us.

Fits any budget

There’s no upfront investment in licenses or hardware. You pay a simple, monthly subscription fee which you can cancel at any time.

Mobile like you

Anytime, anywhere access on any mobile device. Whether that’s your favourite smartphone or tablet we’ve got you covered.

Always up-to-date

Software upgrades can be complicated, costly, and risky. Our cloud automatically upgrades your software for free every week.

Secure as a vault

From our secure, distributed infrastructure, to our admin tools, our extensive layers of security keep your company’s data secure.

Higher availability

Cloud maintenance software delivers better performance and application availability than antiquated on-premise software solutions.

Nature's friend

With cloud maintenance software there’s no need for hardware or servers that put extra strain on the grid and our environment.

Just looking to kick the tires a bit?

The best way to get to know Maintenance Assistant's CMMS maintenance software is to get your hands on the actual product. Go ahead. Take it for a spin.

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