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In the beginning

Maintenance Assistant™ was started in Toronto by a few friends who used a local park as their boardroom. They wanted to bring simplicity to the unnecessarily complicated world of maintenance and asset management software. And, they wanted to do it with a product that was easy to use and affordable for everyone.

Today we’ve grown, but we’re still the same

We’re known as the market disrupters, the true cloud provider, the lightning in a bottle. The boardroom is now inside, and we have real desks, but the spirit of our company remains firmly intact. We never forget that we were once “the little guys” and stay true to our founders’ vision of providing simple, affordable maintenance and asset management software to the world.

Keeping it simple, making it useful

Our collective, unshakeable focus on design, quality, and usability is what gets us out of bed each and every day. That means taking elements of modern-day software that consumers have come to love, and building them into an easy to use solution that helps tackle the complex world of maintenance and asset management.

A better way forward. Our cloud-based, mobile enabled solution lets you securely run maintenance and asset management software over the Internet without having to buy, install, or manage any expensive hardware (also known as servers). All you have to do is open your web browser, login, and start working today.



Our mission is simple – to change tomorrow

We obsess over simplicity, disrupt the status quo, are perpetually current, and think deeply about everything we do. Delivering the best maintenance and asset management cloud platform for our customers and partners that provides a means for sincere social change.

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