Meet Maintenance Assistant

In the beginning

Our Maintenance Assistant founders started building maintenance software as far back as 1987 and have been neck-deep in repairs and maintenance for decades. Maintenance is in our DNA. We’ve seen this industry grown and mature, and have used our hands on knowledge and experience to create one of the best CMMS maintenance and asset management solutions out there.

Our mission

To change tomorrow.

We obsess over simplicity, disrupt the status quo, are perpetually current and think deeply about everything we do. Delivering the best maintenance and asset management cloud platform for our customers, partners and community that empowers and provides a means for sincere social and environmental change.

Product History

Nov 2006 MA CMMA V1 Beta
2008 Maintenance Assistant Incorporation
Feb 2008 MA Free CMMS V2 Download
Dec 2009 MA Free CMMS V3 Download
May 2011 MA CMMS V3 Cloud
July 2011 Fieldmate Web Mobile
Jan 2012 MA CMMS V4 Cloud
Sept 2012 MA CMMS V5 Cloud
Mar 2013 MA CMMS V2 Mobile
Oct 2013 MA CMMS V6 Cloud
Apr 2014 MA CMMS API
June 2014 MA Free CMMS Cloud
July 2014 MA CMMS Mobile API
Oct 2014 MA Platform as a Service
Dec 2014 MA EAM Connect API
Mar 2015 MA Marketplace
Apr 2015 MA Affiliate Program

What we do

The Maintenance Assistant cloud advantage

Maintenance Assistant is a leading provider of cloud-based maintenance and asset management solutions to businesses of all sizes all over the world in 10 languages. Built by maintenance people for maintenance people. We are focused on providing an affordable and powerful maintenance and asset management software solution that allows us to put powerful maintenance and asset management tools into the hands of companies big and small.

We’re cloud-based so that means your maintenance software is available anytime and from any internet enabled device. It also means that your software is always up-to-date, backed up and secure. Our highly secure maintenance software allows you to easily add users anytime, enable or disable features as you like, run it as a global multi-site maintenance and asset management software solution  in over 10 languages, in any time zone or use it as a simple work order management system. We get you up and running quickly with data import features, rapid on-boarding applications like MA Source™, and over a hundred embedded how-to videos throughout our application.

Over 30,000 businesses and individual users worldwide have already experienced how Maintenance Assistant maintenance and asset management software efficiently handles corrective, preventive, condition-based and scheduled maintenance for equipment and assets. It solves the challenges of securely capturing, accessing, sharing and backing up critical maintenance data and know-how.

Our customer centric approach

At Maintenance Assistant we listen to our customers to get our maintenance and asset management software right and only build the tools they need to get the job done. Over 5,000 customers have participated in our on-line feature request program and we’ve released over 250 upgrades to our product in response. We play fair and don’t overcharge our customers, with a fully exposed live product tour on our web site, transparent pricing and no hidden costs. We keep it simple, by letting our customers decide which features they want to turn on, making sure our CMMS is right-sized for every customer.

Empower your maintenance team

Leverage the cloud to work together, better in the new connected age of maintenance and asset management.

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