Launching Machine to CMMS integration: MA Monitoring™

on January 13, 2014 by Blog and Tags: , , , with 2 comments
MA Monitoring™ is the start of a new era in CMMS technology – a direct interface between your CMMS and your connected machines and connected devices. This week, Maintenance Assistant is pleased to announce that MA Monitoring™ is now available for Beta Customers. If you are eligable and able, we want you to connect the […] Read more

Using contractors in your Maintenance Assistant CMMS: Your help wanted

on January 2, 2014 by Blog and Tags: , , with 5 comments
Contractors play an integral role in the maintenance activities of many organizations. Maintenance contractors provide specialist, one-off and/or project services for maintenance activities that, for one reason or another, cannot be undertaken by permanent maintenance employees.   At Maintenance Assistant we are going to be adding a contractor module to our CMMS. This is your […] Read more

New feature: Link to your CMMS from your homepage

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Today we are pleased to announce that we have released a really quick way for you to create a link to your CMMS from your homepage. You can use the link to direct your staff (or your building tennants) when they want to request maintenance. Why would you want to do this? Here is another […] Read more

Purchase Orders – New in your Maintenance Assistant CMMS

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Maintenance Assistant is pleased to release its Purchase Order module. The purchase order module completes the parts management cycle so that parts can be tracked from requests to purchase to receipt to usage: all fully integrated into your CMMS. This includes formal Requests for Quotation and Purchase Orders that can be sent to your suppliers. Everything […] Read more

New Feature: Hyperlinks Everywhere

on November 11, 2013 by Blog and Tags: ,
We have added a new feature this week that we think our users will love: Clickable links – everywhere in the CMMS. Now, if you are looking at a list in your Maintenance Assistant CMMS and you want to know some more information, just click on the link. As always, if you want to open […] Read more

New Feature – Introducing MA Source™

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MA CMMS Grainger Functionality

Auto-Populate your Equipment, Parts & Suppies with MA Source™ When it comes to setting up a CMMS for the first time, one of the biggest challenges is getting your data into the CMMS. The MA Source™ feature lets you automatically populate your equipment or parts database by using related information directly from leading MRO parts databases. […] Read more

Product Update: Guest Requestor Feature Improved

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One important feature of Maintenance Assistant is the guest requestor feature. This feature is available free for all annual subscription customers. The feature allows persons who do not have login credentials to ask for maintenance via the maintenance assistant CMMS. Recently, we have had a few customers ask that the details of the maintenance requestor […] Read more

CMMS Purchase Order Template Preview

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Purchase Order Template BETA

Over the last few days, Maintenance Assistant President (and application programmer) Daryl has been finalizing the look and feel of the Purchase Order template created by the Maintenance Assistant CMMS purchase order module. Daryl is pleased to show you an example of how the Purchase Order will look. Automatically generated content – easily modifiable By […] Read more