MA CMMS Support Videos

to quickly learn how to become a power user

Product Videos

These are short introductory CMMS support videos that show you the main features of MA CMMS.

Introducing MA CMMS

This 5 minute video takes you through the main functions of MA CMMS maintenance software.

Up and running in just 90 Seconds

This video shows you how easy it is to sign-up and create your own CMMS, enter your first piece of equipment and make your first work order in just 90 seconds.

Introduction Webinars

These are long introductory sessions that walk you through the main parts of your CMMS. They are less detailed than the other CMMS support videos on this page, but they will give you a good general overview.

Assets Webinar

This 41 minute video will teach you how to enter machinery, equipment and locations into the system. This is your starting point.

Work Orders Webinar

This 54 minute webinar will show you how to create, complete and delete work orders. You will also learn how to use the overall work-order listing window.

Scheduled Maintenance Webinar

This 35 minute video will teach you how to set up scheduled maintenance so that it automatically triggers based on conditions. There are also 3 practical examples using the CMMS interface.

Product Demonstration Session

A 40 minute overview that demonstrates how all of the features of Maintenance Assistant work together. An A-Z demo that's similar to what you would get from a dedicated salesperson.

Basic Setup

Guides you through the first and most basic part of setup, populating your asset hierarchy with a few Facilities and pieces of Equipment.

CMMS Implementation Roadmap

Learn How to set up your CMMS easily and effortlessly with this quick guide.

Build your Asset Hierarchy

Efficiently organize your assets by building an Asset Hierarchy.

Add Facilities

Manage facility names, categories and parent locations. Define a mailing address. Add facility images, floor plans, diagrams, or any other related documents.

Adding Equipment

Manage asset categories, add purchasing information, connect technicians to equipment and add manufacturers and suppliers.

Basic Workflow

Getting started creating Work Orders and Work Requests.

Create a Work Order

Find out how easy it is to turn a work request into a work order by assigning technicians, creating tasks and adding parts.

Submit a Work Request

Submit work to the work request queue for approval of a maintenance administrator or coordinator.

Mobile CMMS

Check work due, log meter readings or submit work requests on any modern smartphone through the mobile app.

Guest Work Requests

Guest Requests give non-CMMS users the ability to log work requests without the need to log in.

Intermediate Setup

Add more detailed data to your Assets, Users and Work Orders.

Scheduled Maintenance

Set up tasks to be completed during scheduled maintenance, assign them to users and define the triggers that will automatically generate future work orders.

Add a User

Set up a new CMMS User with name, role, username, password, resume and other contact information.

User Groups and Permissions

Organize your users and customize what they can see and do in the CMMS.

Add Parts & Supplies

Learn how to add Parts and Supplies to your CMMS.

Using Task Groups

Save commonly used tasks into a task group instead of re-entering them every time. Learn how!

Upload Files to Assets

Upload your files to the CMMS so your technicians have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Multi-Asset Work Orders

The Multi-asset work order lets you have multiple assets on a single scheduled maintenance or work order.

MA Source

Get your data into MA CMMS quickly using our MA Source Database of over 1 million assets

GPS Asset Location

Locate your assets using GPS coordinates

Notification Settings

Setup notifications for a variety of maintenance related events and triggers

Intermediate Workflow

Learn how to extract some basic data from the system, and a few nifty features with Work Orders.

Run Reports

Drill down into your maintenance data with the Reporting function.

Printing in MA CMMS

Review how to print in MA CMMS. Print an asset details, a work order, scheduled maintenance, and more!


Manage complex work orders with projects.

Asset Meter Readings

How to update assets as you use them. Also includes how to setup your own reading parameters!

Task Meter Readings

How to add meter readings and text results to individual task items. Log them on the fly when you complete a work order!

The "Log" Tab

This video explores the Log tab and the information it contains across the CMMS.

Adding Extra Labour Hours to Tasks

Learn how to add additional labour to a single task in work orders.

Task Group Import

Learn how to import task groups.

Nested PM

Learn how to build a simple nested PM to stack Scheduled Maintenances tasks at different intervals.

Advanced Setup

Advanced setup walks you through a few of the frills in MA.

Adding Tools

Add your tooling to the CMMS so you can track tool location, repairs or calibration schedules.

Current Stock

Keep track of parts inventory, location and quantity. Make sure you always have parts on hand and information is kept in one place.


How to add and utilize businesses in MACMMS.

Add Personnel to Parts and Supplies

Adding users and user groups to parts and supplies in MACMMS.

Assign Users to Assets

Assign your users to assets so they only get the information they need.

Become A Service Provider

Setup your CMMS to operate in a service provider environment.

3rd Party Notifications

Learn to send maintenance related emails to personnel who don't have access to your system.

Custom Work Order Filters

Easily manage large numbers of work orders with flexible and customizable filters.

Advanced Workflow

Features in the Advanced Workflow section are for automating some of the more advanced features in MA. For instance, if you run the same report every week, or want to email supplier automatically when stock is running low, then this section will guide you.

Bill of Materials

Find out how to build a BOM of consumable parts and add it to your assets.

Batch Meter Readings

How to update multiple meter readings at once using MA’s handy Batch Meter Reading tool.

Scheduled Reports

Learn how to configure the reports scheduler to send out reports automatically from the CMMS

Asset Events

How to use events in MACMMS. Create, assign, and generate them as needed.


The purchase order module that helps customers effectively control the flow of consumable and repairable maintenance parts throughout their organization directly from their maintenance software.

Introducing Purchasing

This video gives a quick overview of the Purchase order module

Purchase Requests

This video outlines the various ways of submitting purchase requests in MA CMMS

Requests For Quotes

Managing RFQ’s in your CMMS, Setup your parts to automatically trigger Request For Quotes from your selected suppliers

Purchase Order Basics

Find our how they are prepared in MA CMMS

Purchase Order Workflow

Find out how Purchase Orders are processed in MA CMMS

Purchasing Webinar

This Webinar gives a full overview of Purchasing in MA CMMS


Customizations should only be attempted after you have a moderate level of experience. You will find that many lists and menus can be modified to better suit your needs.

Asset Categories

Setting up asset categories and assigning assets to them.

Adding Custom Fields

Keep track of more data with your own Custom Fields

Custom Work Order Statuses

The status of a work order indicates its position in the processing cycle. Learn how to set up your own custom statuses.

Add New Maintenance Types

Customize your CMMS by adding your own Maintenance Types.

Set Up Email Notifications

Configure your notifications so you only get the emails you need.

Auto-Assign Work Requests

Configure guest work requests to be automatically assigned and sent to technicians.

Reasons to Set Assets Offline

Add additional Offline states to help isolate the big issues causing asset downtime.

Multi-site Training

Lean how partition your data by location by configuring your CMMS for multi-site.

Label Assets with QR Codes

In this video, you'll find out how to print QR codes for your assets

Import Data from Excel/CSV files

Speed up the set up process by importing multiple assets/work orders at the same time. Advanced understanding of the system is required.

Import Your Assets

Keep your old data by importing it into MA CMMS quickly and easily with our handy data import tool.

Import Work Orders

Keep work orders from your old CMMS by importing them into Maintenance Assistant

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