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CMMS Case Study #1

Data Center Maintenance At 365 Data Centers

Data Center industry leaders Chris Dolan and James McGrath founded 365 Data Centers in 2002. They began with a single data center based in San Francisco but today, 365 Data Centers owns and operates 17 data centers nationwide, having earned an industry reputation for high touch customer service, satisfaction and retention.

Implemented MA CMMS across 17 data centers

Improved preventive maintenance compliance
"With Maintenance Assistant we’re saving up to 40 man-hours per site per month on just managing our basic maintenance processes.”
Justin Scott , Facility Manager at 365 Data Centers

CMMS Case Study #2

Meeting Food Safety Standards At Arro Corporation

Arro Corporation is a contract packager of industrial bulk products for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Based in Illinois, Arro Corporation operates two manufacturing facilities and two distribution centers in the Chicago area with +600,000 square feet of process and warehouse space. Arro employs Maintenance Assistant CMMS at its two manufacturing facilities to track their maintenance activities.The maintenance manager, George Ulatowski, and his team of technicians manage everything in the 200,000 sq. ft. Chicago facility from packaging and automation equipment to the HVAC and facilities.
Maintained Safe Food Quality standards

Implemented an easy to use work order system
"Overall, the CMMS helps with timing the work and keeps us more organized for safety audits."
George Ulatowski , Maintenance Manager at Arro Corporation

CMMS Case Study #3

Helping Anaren drive an efficient asset management organization

Anaren Microwave is a high-tech manufacturer and supplier of custom microwave and RF technology for various industries around the world including US space and defense.
Anaren Microwave CMMS Case Study
up and running in days

informed decisions such as repair or replace can be made easily
"There is so much long term potential and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet."
Bill Imperiale, Materials Manager at Anaren Microwave

CMMS Case Study #4

Maintenance Practices At The Bethel Church & Ministries Congregation

Bethel is a multi-campus congregation located in Northwest Indiana. Currently, Bethel has two campuses with 27,000 sq ft and 70,000 sq ft of buildings made up of classrooms, auditoriums, offices, outbuildings, storage spaces and the Churches. Anthony Rettig is the Buildings and Grounds coordinator and together with his team of five, they manage the maintenance on buildings, churches, HVAC systems, equipment and grounds at the two campuses. We could be doing anything from “servicing the ice maker to trimming a tree”, says Anthony. According to Anthony, in the past he used a combination of different systems to track everything maintenance related - Outlook tasks, internal intranet, work requests via email, phone calls, text messages, verbal, paper and pencil, and Excel to track business contacts. When you have a large facility, with 50 staff members, keeping track of all the work requests and PM’s can been a nightmare.
Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 11.02.10 AM
Implemented an easy to use CMMS

Provided new features on a regular basis
"Since we started using MA CMMS, we are worlds beyond were we were in terms of organization, efficiency and tracking."
Anthony Rettig , Building & Grounds Co-ordinator at Bethel Church & Ministries

CMMS Case Study #5

CMMS Installation at Clinton Aluminum

Clinton Aluminum ( is a large aluminum and stainless steel distribution and processing company with facilities in the USA and Canada.
Maintenance Assistant is their first Computerized Maintenance Management Software. Prior to its installation they used a paper-based system. The task of making Maintenance Assistant part of the company was given to a new Maintenance Coordinator and MRO purchaser in January of 2013. Dena Earich transferred into this role from another part of the company to complete the task. We interviewed Dena in July of 2013, six months after starting in her new role.
imgres case study
Implemented an easy to use CMMS

Became an indispensable part of their maintenance operations
"For what I do, I am not sure I could do without it (MA CMMS)."
Dena Earich , Maintenance Coordinator at Clinton Aluminum

CMMS Case Study #6

Driving maintenance efficiencies at Geislinger Corporation

Geislinger Corporation ( was founded in 1958. The company developed from a torsional vibration solution provider into one of the leading suppliers of couplings and dampers worldwide.
Geislinger case study
Transitioned maintenance operations from paper to a fully operational CMMS

Became an important part of their maintenance operations
"It saves at least a couple of hours of digging around trying to find something. And that happens a few times a month. We’re saving maybe 4 to 8 hours a month looking for work order history."
Nelson Multer , Maintenance Director at Geislinger Corporation

CMMS Case Study #7

How MA CMMS Improved Maintenance Systems Efficiencies 200% At JSM & Associates

JSM & Associates specialize in the design, engineering, commissioning and maintenance of complex airport baggage handling systems. With design experience in over 200 airports throughout the world, JSM and Associates pride themselves on excellence, quality performance and the utmost in customer satisfaction. With today’s modern airports becoming progressively high tech and innovative, airport baggage handling systems are becoming more automated to improve efficiency and reduce wait times. However, more automation leads to more complexity. To deal with these requirements, the easiest and most efficient way to track your maintenance activities on complex systems is by using a CMMS. A proper maintenance management system results in fewer delays and breakdowns, a reduction in maintenance costs and contract labor hours, and extends the life expectancy of assets.
JSM CMMS case study
Increased maintenance productivity 200%

Provided a simple and easy to use CMMS solution
“The best thing about Maintenance Assistant CMMS is its simplicity and ease of use. Our guys are always busy so they need to be able process work orders quickly and keep going to the next job.”
Sue , Systems Manager at JSM & Associates

CMMS Case Study #8

Integrating Great Maintenance Into Daily Life At Kauai's Hindu Monastery

On 372 acres, less than five miles from an extinct volcano, Kauai's Hindu Monastery is the home to 20+ monastics. The monks manage a world congregation and publish an international magazine, "Hinduism Today". The monastics use the relational database management system and IDE "4D" for much of their accounting, inventory, member and student data and mailing lists. The monastics care for the land and buildings, grow much of their own food, and have just installed a 30KW photovoltaic system. They have hundreds of assets including five tractors, four utility vehicles, a skid steer, a construction loader/backhoe and a mini excavator. All the assets require regular maintenance, from the largest machine down to the smallest garden bed.
Kauai Hindu Monastery CMMS case study
Prioritized work orders more efficiently

Provided a web hosted solution that would work on Apple computers
"Learning to use Maintenance Assistant by the maintenance team was not a long stretch from the original system and was quick and easy."
Yoginatha Swami , Maintenance & Facilities Manager at Kauai's Hindu Monastery

CMMS Case Study #9

Labrie Enviroquip Group Successfully Adopts MA CMMS

Labrie Enviroquip Group (LEG) is a top-tier manufacturer of waste disposal trucks located in Québec, Canada. They produce a wide product range including front, rear and side loading waste disposal trucks in addition to some specialty products. Labrie Group has a team of 16 people involved in maintenance activities across two sites. They adopted Maintenance Assistant as their Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) in October 2012. We interviewed Eric Banoub, LEG's IT manager, almost 1 year later in August 2013 to see how things were progressing.
Labrie Enviroquip Group CMMS case study
Provided a scalable CMMS solution at low cost

Provided ongoing technical support and training
“To have it hosted means I don’t have to have any server hardware configuration to take care of.”
Eric Banoub , IT Manager at Labrie Enviroquip Group

CMMS Case Study #10

MA CMMS Helps Liscio's Bakery Surpass Food Safety Expectations

Liscio's Bakery in Glassboro, New Jersey bakes in excess of 400,000 rolls and serves +1000 customers daily. Their management identified a need to better control their maintenance practices to achieve and maintain the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as the Good Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards set by the British Retail Consortium. Liscio's selected Maintenance Assistant's cloud based CMMS to help them overcome their maintenance frustrations with great success, ultimately exceeding all expectations for food compliance and safety.
Liscio's Bakery CMMS case study
Improved maintenance performance 300%

Successfully complied with GMP/FDA & GFSI regulations
"With this program we can access all of the information we need in one local place, digitally. It is easy to change for our needs. It just streamlined everything."
Zach Brown - IT Administrator at Liscio's Bakery

CMMS Case Study #11

Implementing MA CMMS at the Legendary Luna Park

Luna Park was a legendary amusement park of the early 20th century at Coney Island, NY. When the original Luna Park opened in 1903, visitors entered through a large archway to walls with 250,000 lights and canal full of gondolas like Venice, Italy. Revolutionary for its time, the main attraction was called “Trip to the Moon”, where visitors were transported on an imaginary flight on an enormous spaceship with flapping wings. The park drew people in the millions, including notables such as Thomas Edison and William McKinley, the US President at the time. Sadly, the original park burned down in 1944 and was not rebuilt due to a shortage of building materials during World War II.
Luna Park CMMS case study
Completed complete implementation in less than 3 weeks

Provided intuitive training videos and ongoing support
"Maintenance Assistant looked very user friendly from the outset. It was easy to visualize in advance how it would work at the park."
Mikelann Scerbo - Maintenance Intern at Luna Park

CMMS Case Study #12

Using Maintenance Assistant at Medinah Baptist Church

Maintenance at Medinah Baptist Church is done for many reasons. “We want to be good stewards, good caretakers,” Scott said, indicating that a fully functional church was very important for its members. To achieve this they need to have working, clean, efficient, legal and safe equipment. They chose Maintenance Assistant to implement their system to great success.
Medinah Baptist Church CMMS case study
Managed large numbers of assets with diverse maintenance requirements

Improved efficiencies using scheduled maintenance
“Maintenance Assistant provides us with so much, at a very reasonable price.”
Scott Chism - Head of Maintenance at Medinah Baptist Church

CMMS Case Study #13

Improved Maintenance System Productivity At M.S. Kennedy Corporation

The M.S. Kennedy Corporation (MSK) is a leading provider of high performance analog microelectronics, including custom analog/mixed signal hybrids, power hybrids and multi-chip modules. Their products are precision made and of the highest quality, used extensively in the industrial, aerospace, defense and space applications. MSK's state-of-the-art 43,000 sq. ft. facility in upstate New York has positioned MSK as one of the premier microelectronics manufacturers in the industry.
M.S. Kennedy Corporation CMMS case study
Significantly improved maintenance system efficiency

Quick and easy CMMS setup and training
“The CMMS is so simple to use that we trained our technicians ourselves with a few short tutorials in the boardroom.”
James Burrows - Maintenance Manager at M.S. Kennedy Corporation

CMMS Case Study #14

Rehauling Maintenance Operations at NZSki

At 2,086 meters above sea level, Mt Hutt is home to the largest alpine ski area on the south island of New Zealand. Darren Vedder is head of the maintenance department and together with his team of six, they manage everything from ski lifts, magic carpets, snow making equipment, pumps, compressors, grooming fleet, winches, busses, troopers, the day lodge, to the water and waste systems. “We’re like a little town up here,” says Darren. “We manage the whole shebang. It’s a seasonal holiday resort but the maintenance team is onsite most of the year round.”
New Zealand Ski CMMS case study
Significantly improved maintenance system efficiency

Quick and easy CMMS setup and training
“The welfare of our visitors is paramount here at Mount Hutt so using Maintenance Assistant CMMS ensures preventive maintenance and safety inspections are performed on time and on schedule.”
Darren Vedder - Maintenance Manager at NZSki


365 Data Centers
Data center

Arro Corporation
Food packaging

Anaren Microwave
Custom microwave and RF technology

Bethel Church & Ministries
Church with 6 maint. staff

Clinton Aluminum
Aluminum and steel processing

Geislinger Corporation
Heavy manufacturing

JSM & Associates
Airport baggage conveyors

Kauai's Hindu Monastery
Monastery on 372 acres of land

Labrie Enviroquip Group
Manufactures waste-disposal trucks

Liscio's Bakery
Commercial bakery

Luna Park
Amusement park

Medinah Baptist Church
Church engages volunteers

M.S. Kennedy Corporation
Microelectronics manufacturer

Ski resort

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