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During Warranty Period

  • OEMs get a fully branded white-label CMMS they can provide to their customers
  • Pre-loaded data-base with assets, OEM recommended maintenance plans, spares, manuals, warranty, etc.
  • Directly schedule warranty repairs and check compliance to avoid invalid claims
  • Real-time machine monitoring API to verify proper equipment operation

Extend your relationship with your customer long after the initial sale.

OEMs can now participate in the long-tail revenues derived from services, parts and supplies following a capital equipment sale.

Maintenance Assistant's OEM Technology Partner program provides OEMs with a turn-key white label CMMS, keeping them in front of customers long after the capital purchase and adding significant value to customers' machinery and services purchases.

After Warranty Period

  • Fully customizable CMMS features and pricing
  • OEM set-up as preferred vendor for original parts and spares
  • Notification of up-coming repairs, services and parts needs
  • Schedule direct-from-OEM services
  • In-app marketing and messaging tools direct to customers dashboards
  • Automated provisioning and billing
OEM CMMS Solution

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A s an Original Equipment Manufacturer, Systems Integrator or Automation specialist, you understand that maintaining visibility on installed equipment after the sale and staying in contact with your customer is critical to long-term customer satisfaction and your reputation.

Your white label CMMS powered by Maintenance Assistant provides the perfect solution, giving your customers out-of-the-box functionality to: follow your recommended maintenance plan; stay stocked with OEM sourced spares; and schedule direct-from-provider services - all at the click of a button. Provide your customers with a private labeled or co-branded MA CMMS™ to encourage maintenance excellence & best practices on a daily basis and drive additional services and parts revenue.

At Maintenance Assistant we are passionate about delivering a best-in-class CMMS maintenance software to keep track of and maintain multiple, complex manufacturing systems, machines, manufacturing lines or entire facilities with true multi-site control. For maintenance managers, maintenance supervisors, maintenance technicians or line workers our easy-to-use CMMS provides the perfect tool to implement their maintenance strategy.

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Key Benefits:

  • Create new service revenue
  • Help your sales team identify new opportunities
  • Increase customer interaction and visibility
  • Add value to your products with full lifecycle involvement

Key features:

  • Customized, web-based interface with your branding
  • Notifications and communications between you and your customer - stay engaged and present
  • Suggest recommend maintenance practices, parts obsolescence advisories
  • Timely service bulletins and parts EOL notifications
  • Be your customers' preferred vendor for in-system parts and services
  • Use the Cloud to market, distribute, support and manage subscriptions, customer accounts and activities.

Our software is used by:

  • Contract manufacturers
  • Plastic molders and die manufacturers
  • Machinery builders
  • Food and Packaging manufacturers and processors
  • Renewable energy equipment manufacturers
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Building contractors
  • Facilities managers

Maintenance Assistant can provide you with a turn-key, Cloud-based, fully-branded Maintenance Software CMMS for your customers

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Branded with Your Look

Maintenance Assistant can be branded with your company's colors and logo. Your users' experience will be consistent with your other products.
oem-current-brandingdefault look
oem-custom-brandingthe interface with your brand

System-wide Notifications

Our OEM interface lets you show a message to every user of your system.

This feature is great for announcing new services and inviting users to events. Simply create your message in HTML format, and every user will see it the next time they use the system.
oem-v5-iframe a system-wide announcement showing a new feature

A Central Control Interface

Our central control interface gives you the ability to manage all your customers in one place, and visualize account activity so you can become their number one trusted supplier.

oem-dash-graph visualize revenues from system users
oem-dash-tennants control all client-businesses from one place

oem-dash-orders see status of individual orders

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