Mine Maintenance Software

Mine maintenance can make up 20 to 35% of your total mining operation

Being responsible for the maintenance of expensive mining equipment means you need real-time, actionable information on priorities for preventive maintenance of your critical mining systems. According to Mining.com magazine, on average, an offline haul truck has a financial production impact of $35,000 per shift. For a shovel, it can be many times that. Mining companies that yield the greatest returns on their equipment pay active attention to factors that impact production.

Maintenance Assistant CMMS is a full-featured mine maintenance management solution that runs inside your web browser, on any web-enabled device. Maintenance Assistant CMMS gives you powerful tools to organize your mine maintenance operation.

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Product Demo Video:

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What you'll accomplish with mine maintenance software:

  • Organize your equipment in an intuitive hierarchy
  • Make specific people in charge of specific equipment
  • Schedule preventive maintenance alerts
  • See a full history of work done on machines and assets
  • Set usage-based triggers for complex machines
  • Record standard procedures for maintenance activities
  • Attach documents, like schematics and warranties to asset records
  • Keep equipment running: Haul trucks & loaders, blasthole drills, exhaust systems, fuel injection systems, transfer pumps & filters, cooling systems, shovels, fire protection systems, draglines and buckets, water separators, etc
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Why use our Mining Equipment Maintenance Software?

Rich Simplicity.

We believe software experience should work the way you work. We think most mining maintenance software is too bloated and offers too many features. Too many promises and too little delivery. We build rich experiences with the right features that will reduce your maintenance expenditures and reduce equipment downtime.

No Contracts.

We require you to sign no contracts, we believe in our software, and that once you try it, you won't want to use anything else.

We're a fully Cloud CMMS.

Quick setup that works with your heavy equipment and tools, accessible anywhere without the worry of depending on your IT department.

Portability for audits and inspections.

Support for virtually all web-enabled devices for audits and inspections.

We were the maintenance guys.

We know what you need because we were there, in the maintenance department. Our software has been developed with modern, top notch software developers working along side us.

Fair and competitive pricing.

Our cloud-based maintenance platform allows our pricing to be simple and flexible. Unlike the other guys, you can buy it, try it, and love it all while staying under your purchase card limit.

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