CMMS Features

Download our comprehensive CMMS features datasheet to explore the power of MA CMMS.

General System Parameters

Web Based + Mobile

Our Cloud maintenance software can be accessed from the browser of your Windows PC, Mac, or Linux computer, anywhere Internet is available. We keep your data secure and provide free weekly updates. Use it on the go with our iPhone, iPad or Android phone app.

Exceptional Support

Phone and Email support is included in your plan. Our customer support team in Toronto, Canada is here to help our global customers.

In Your Language

Available in 11 languages: English (US), English (UK), French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, Korean and Chinese.

Maintenance Manager Toolbox

Customized To Your Specifications

  • Import assets & schedules from Excel and CSV files to easily migrate from other work order software
  • Turn features on or off to make your CMMS as easy or complex as needed
  • Add fields and customize your workflow to match your maintenance process
  • Custom Brand your CMMS, reports, work orders and more with your corporate logo
  • Use your currency, or even multiple currencies

Roles & Users

  • Store worker certifications and control which features they can access
  • Put users into role-based groups
  • Notify users/groups of only the events that concern them
  • Multi-site: control permissions location-by-location and view a roll-up of all activities in realtime

Interactive Calendar & Work Planner

  • View calendar of upcoming or completed work
  • Schedule time, meter, or trigger-based maintenance
  • Notify stakeholders of upcoming work
  • Get notified when parts/supplies are running low

Maintenance Technician's Tools

Scheduling Maintenance

  • Time-based: select hourly, daily, weekday, weekly, monthly or yearly maintenance intervals
  • Trigger-based: Trigger maintenance when machine readings go above or below a setpoint, or a user defined interval or cycle
  • Event-based maintenance tasks (ex. create specific work order tasks when equipment gets decommissioned)
  • See detailed list of possible triggers

Work Orders

  • Automatic email notifications to technicians
  • Quickly print out work orders for field staff or access them via your tablet or mobile phone
  • Make and reuse lists of task or procedures
  • Track technician time, parts and supplies consumed
  • Include multiple assets on the same work order. Ideal for safety inspections or maintenance rounds
  • Track rotating assets and rebuilds as they move between work orders, people, facilities, sites and external businesses.

Productivity Tools

  • Attach files to work orders and assets: warranties, pictures, manuals, schematics, software drivers etc.
  • Instant access to equipment and work orders through scannable QR Codes and Bar Codes
  • Complete work orders using voice to text
  • Drag and drop and multi-select functionality lets you quickly build your asset hierarchy and perform multiple actions simultaneously
  • List your used and decommissioned equipment on our in-app marketplace

Connecting With Other Departments

Safety & Regulatory Compliance

  • Audit Log tracks all activity in the CMMS
  • Attach OSHA information, MSDS, or other critical safety instructions to work orders
  • Centrally manage documents and versions to ensure ISO compliance
  • Track worker training and certifications and get expiry notifications

Guest Work Requests

  • Allow guests to make requests for maintenance and get notifications
  • Conveniently embed links for work requests into your website
  • Notify any named user of a work order status
  • Scan QR codes to make a work request on any asset from a mobile phone

Graphs & Reports

  • Dashboard view of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Over 150 professional reports
  • Create your own Custom Reports with our advance SQL report writer
  • Create custom list views with our advanced filtering system
  • Schedule regular reports and automatically email them to managers

Reaching Beyond The CMMS

Purchase Management

  • Advanced purchasing module with customizable work flow
  • Manage suppliers and request quotes (RFQ) quickly and easily
  • Use your CMMS to source millions of parts and spares and compare vendors and pricing
  • Complete inventory manager with visibility on low stock items

Get Setup In Minutes

  • Instantly add equipment and parts to your CMMS with your Smartphone or Tablet camera and GPS
  • Auto-complete missing data using our advanced search tool and massive equipment database
  • Drag and drop files into your equipment records
  • Hundreds of embedded self-help videos let you learn as you go

Control Monitoring System & API

  • Connect directly to machines to read their critical sensor data
  • Trigger maintenance from equipment alarm states
  • View equipment health with MA Monitoring™
  • Extend equipment & control monitoring and analytics systems in minutes

Start improving your maintenance today.

MA CMMS TM is available for free! Paid packages start from $19/user/month.

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