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Popular CMMS features that will change the way you do maintenance

Run your entire maintenance operation better, faster and more efficiently with MA CMMS maintenance software

Get all your data into your CMMS and start using it in hours not weeks!

Import your existing maintenance records from CSV or Excel, drag and drop files into the CMMS, even add equipment using your mobile phone's camera and GPS as you walk through your facility. Clone records and quickly organize your assets into the perfect hierarchy with drag and drop ease. Learning the system is no problem! We have hundreds of embedded video tutorials so you can learn as you go. We even have a walk-through training module with a set-up meter to track your progress from novice to power user!

Powerful work orders designed with simplicity and elegance

We've gone the extra mile to bring you the most effective work order system yet. Provide technicians with detailed work instructions created from standard job lists. Attach videos, pictures, manuals or just about anything. Track parts consumed, add completion notes and even print to paper. With advanced options, you can add multiple assets to work orders, clone tasks and quickly build inspection rounds. Closing work orders is a breeze with autofill completion and multi-task selection to bulk close tasks.

Boost maintenance effectiveness with better maintenance scheduling

Now you can do preventive maintenance (PM) and safety inspections on time, every time. Create preventative and scheduled maintenance work orders from your templates and trigger them by any combination of date, time, meter readings, alarms or events. You can even nest your PM tasks and schedules for maximum efficiency. Complete with tasks, priorities and notifications so you can do the right maintenance at the right time!

Never loose track of rotating assets and spares again

Track your rotating assets, rebuilds and spares as they move between your sites and facilities or your external suppliers' and contractors' repair shops. Use our permission and rules engine to require personnel to make requests to move assets between physical locations and define who can approve or reject the requests for each site. Your CMMS will do the rest, so you'll always know the status and location of your rotating assets and spares.

MRO supplies management that will save time and make you money!

Manage all your MRO inventory with MA CMMS. Our patent pending MRO tools let you quickly add missing technical data, pricing and supplier information to your asset and supplies records. Use the built-in MRO marketplace, with over 2 million items, to find parts, compare pricing and get reviews. Then use the purchasing module to send RFQ's and purchase orders to suppliers or buy on-line. Stuck with overstocked supplies and decommissioned equipment? Post them to the marketplace and convert them into cash!

Easily manage multiple sites around the world in realtime

With our advanced multi-site capabilities you can manage any number of sites anywhere in the world in any time zone, currency and in over 10 languages. Assign site-specific permissions to your personnel - attach them to the administrator group in one site or the technician group in another or anything else you like. All sites get rolled-up and displayed in realtime so you can create detailed reports of all your maintenance activities... and its fully mobile enabled. This is unlike any other system you've seen!

Connect your MA CMMS to just about anything

From machine sensors to financial or ERP systems, we have an advanced API and growing family of connectors to get the job done. Use our machine adapters to monitor and record equipment meter readings and trigger notifications and service requests based on any number of priorities. Collect and display data in real-time, or archive it for future analysis. You can even create your own connectors using our SDK and developer sandbox environment.

Make informed decisions to drive maintenance excellence

Choose the reports you need to make better business decisions from our library of over 100 standard maintenance management reports. Instantly print them out or create PDFs and email them to the people that matter. You can even automatically generate and send reports at regular scheduled intervals. Create custom printable list views of assets, work orders, schedules and more. Or use the report writer to unlock all your CMMS data to create actionable custom reports, because what gets measured gets done!
Thanks for all your help during the decision making process. We ended up evaluating 32 CMMS' and decided MA CMMS was the best fit for us. So again thank you for your help and we look forward to this newly formed relationship. Corey Bergeron, Facility & Machine shop Lead

All the CMMS features you need to...

cmms features you need for better maintenance

Reduce equipment failures

Save money on parts and supplies

Boost Maintenance Productivity

Improve Health, Safety & Compliance

Get Maintenance done On Time

Extend Asset Life

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Availability and Support

Web Based + Mobile

Our Cloud maintenance software can be accessed from the browser of your Windows PC, Mac, or Linux computer, anywhere Internet is available. We keep your data secure and provide free weekly updates. Use it on the go with our iPhone, iPad or Android phone app.

Exceptional Support

Phone and Email support is included in your plan. Our customer support team in Toronto, Canada is here to help our global customers.

In Your Language

Available in 10 languages: English (US), English (UK), French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, Korean and Chinese.
MA CMMS Software is available in United States English  MA CMMS Software is available in British English  MA CMMS Software is available in Canadian English  MA CMMS Software is available in French  MA CMMS Software is available in Spanish  MA CMMS Software is available in German  MA CMMS Software is available in Portugese  MA CMMS Software is available in Dutch   MA CMMS Software is available in Turkish  MA CMMS Software is  available in Chinese  MA CMMS Software is  available in Korean  MA CMMS Software is available in Arabic

Maintenance Manager Toolbox

Customized To Your Specifications

  • Import assets & schedules from Excel and CSV files to easily migrate from other work order software
  • Turn features on or off to make your CMMS as easy or complex as needed
  • Add fields and customize your workflow to match your maintenance process
  • Custom Brand your CMMS, reports, work orders and more with your corporate logo
  • Use your currency, or even multiple currencies

Roles & Users

  • Store worker certifications and control which features they can access
  • Put users into role-based groups
  • Notify users/groups of only the events that concern them
  • Multi-site: control permissions location-by-location and view a roll-up of all activities in realtime

Interactive Calendar & Work Planner

  • View calendar of upcoming or completed work
  • Schedule time, meter, or trigger-based maintenance
  • Notify stakeholders of upcoming work
  • Get notified when parts/supplies are running low

Maintenance Technician's Tools

Scheduling Maintenance

  • Create re-usable tasks and schedules for preventive and scheduled maintenance
  • Create task libraries or clone PM tasks to rapidly build PM scheduled maintenance work orders
  • Nest your PM schedules inside each other to stack PM tasks and avoid multiple work orders
  • Trigger Scheduled maintenance with any number and combination of triggers
  • Time-based: select hourly, daily, weekday, weekly, monthly or yearly maintenance intervals
  • Trigger-based: Trigger maintenance when machine readings go above or below a setpoint, or a user defined interval or cycle
  • Event-based maintenance tasks (ex. create specific work order tasks when equipment gets decommissioned)
  • Make PM Triggers fixed to specific dates and meter readings or floating to re-start the maintenance Interval after the PM work order is closed.

Work Orders

  • Automatic email notifications to technicians
  • Quickly print out work orders for field staff or access them via your tablet or mobile phone
  • Make and reuse lists of task or procedures
  • Track technician time, parts and supplies consumed
  • Include multiple assets on the same work order. Ideal for safety inspections or maintenance rounds
  • Track rotating assets and rebuilds as they move between work orders, people, facilities, sites and external businesses.

Productivity Tools

  • Attach files to work orders and assets: warranties, pictures, manuals, schematics, software drivers etc.
  • Instant access to equipment and work orders through scannable QR Codes and Bar Codes
  • Complete work orders using voice to text
  • Drag and drop and multi-select functionality lets you quickly build your asset hierarchy and perform multiple actions simultaneously
  • List your used and decommissioned equipment on our in-app marketplace

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Connecting With Other Departments

Safety & Regulatory Compliance

  • Audit Log tracks all activity in the CMMS
  • Attach OSHA information, MSDS, or other critical safety instructions to work orders
  • Centrally manage documents and versions to ensure ISO compliance
  • Track worker training and certifications and get expiry notifications

Guest Work Requests

  • Allow guests to make requests for maintenance and get notifications
  • Conveniently embed links for work requests into your website
  • Notify any named user of a work order status
  • Scan QR codes to make a work request on any asset from a mobile phone

Graphs & Reports

  • Dashboard view of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Over 150 professional reports
  • Create your own Custom Reports with our advance SQL report writer
  • Create custom list views with our advanced filtering system
  • Schedule regular reports and automatically email them to managers

Reaching Beyond The CMMS

Purchase Management

  • Advanced purchasing module with customizable work flow
  • Manage suppliers and request quotes (RFQ) quickly and easily
  • Use your CMMS to source millions of parts and spares and compare vendors and pricing
  • Complete inventory manager with visibility on low stock items

Get Setup In Minutes

  • Instantly add equipment and parts to your CMMS with your Smartphone or Tablet camera and GPS
  • Auto-complete missing data using our advanced search tool and massive equipment database
  • Drag and drop files into your equipment records
  • Hundreds of embedded self-help videos let you learn as you go

Control Monitoring System & API

  • Connect directly to machines to read their critical sensor data
  • Trigger maintenance from equipment alarm states
  • View equipment health with MA Monitoring™
  • Extend equipment & control monitoring and analytics systems in minutes

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