What’s New – Amazon added to MA Source

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The MA Source™ feature lets you automatically populate your equipment or parts database by using related information directly from leading MRO parts databases. When creating a new part, you can use the search feature to locate the part in the MRO database. When you locate the part you need, simply click copy to CMMS and your part record is automatically populated with the parts data.

MA Source also lets users quickly search and procure indirect inventory spares from the worlds leading iMRO parts distributors, directly inside the CMMS. And when you find the part you need, you can sync the information back to your CMMS so you’ll know what to order in the future. The new parts procurement feature helps you achieve those savings gains without having to invest ridiculous amounts of time and money in bloated and expensive ERP systems.

Amazon added to MA Source

Amazon has recently been added to the MRO list of suppliers in MA Source. This means you can search through Amazon’s list of industrial equipment, tools and spares right from inside your CMMS. To access Amazon’s mro database, simply type the name of the part you need in the MA Source toolbar at the top of the CMMS. You can then click the Amazon tab to access the Amazon database. MA Source presents all the information available for that part directly inside your CMMS

 MA Source Amazon

For more information on how to use MA Sourse to populate your database quickly, watch the following video:

 Watch the MA Source Video here 


Compare – Delivery, Price and Convenience

With the addition of Amazon to MA Source, it is now possible to compare products across multiple vendors inside your MA CMMS application. Our goal is to make MA Source a valuable tool to help our customers select the right parts and supplies at the right price, saving you time in a clear and unbiased way.  We plan on bringing a wide range of MRO suppliers in one place so you don’t have to search multiple websites to find the right product. The more the service is used, the more mro vendors we will bring online. And we won’t charge you a penny for using our MA Source service – it’s completely free. Test it out for yourself. When viewing parts, click compare items to compare prices across multiple vendors.

MA Source Price Compare


Have Your Say!

At Maintenance Assistant, we love listening to our customers. Our valued customers can suggest new features or feature improvements in the feature request forum directly in the CMMS. Now, we’re also giving MA CMMS customers the opportunity to suggest their preferred suppliers directly in the MA Source section of the CMMS. Simply click the + tab to suggest your preferred vendor. The biggest compliment your could give us is to recommend MA Source personally - next time your chatting to your MRO vendor contact, suggest they get listed in MA Source today!

MA Source Add New Vendor

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