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Our Mission

M aintenance Assistant is dedicated to transforming maintenance into a powerful business asset through technology. We are modernizing Maintenance Software by leveraging the best innovations from the web. We believe that maintenance software should be intuitive and easy-to-use. In brief, we’re building software that just darn well works like it should. We are empowering our customers to be the Hero and get the job done. By providing an affordable and powerful Maintenance Management Solution, we are democratizing EAM, putting powerful CMMS tools into the hands of companies big and small, with the goal of collectively having a positive impact on the sustainability of our fragile planet.

What We Do

M aintenance Assistant is a leading provider of cloud-based EAM/CMMS solutions to businesses of all size all over the world and in 10 languages. Over 30,000 businesses and individual users worldwide have already experienced how Maintenance Assistant CMMS efficiently handles corrective, preventive, condition-based and scheduled maintenance for equipment and assets. It solves the challenges of securely capturing, accessing, sharing and backing up critical maintenance data and know-how. MA CMMS is a full-featured maintenance management package that reduces the total cost of ownership of equipment assets and facilities, and increases productivity through its simple and innovative tool-set. Our solution is portable and is available from any internet-enabled computing device – from desktops to tablets to smart phones.

Product History

November 2006


Maintenance Assistant Incorporation

February 2008

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December 2009

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I researched nearly 300+ CMMS software packages and / or web-based services but Maintenance Assistant CMMS consistently kept rising to the top. Hal Huffman - Kreider Services/HuffmanDesignGroup
Bugs and slow performance have been my past experience with CMMS software. The wonderful thing about Maintenance Assistant cloud CMMS is that it operates lightning fast. Kris Zimmerman - Indeck Ladysmith
The recent acquisition of more MA licenses has really proved a boon for our Facilities team and MA is now firmly embedded as an indispensable tool, with the take up by the users being received enthusiastically. Roger Bongard - CellTech

Our Competitive Advantage

M aintenance Assistant is a powerful yet elegant, simple and highly affordable CMMS. We’re cloud-based so that means your maintenance management system is available anytime and from any internet enabled device. It also means that your software is always up-to-date, backed up and secure. Our system is highly scalable – add users anytime, enable or disable features as you like, run it as a global multi-site EAM solutions in over 10 languages and in any time zone or use it as a simple work order management system. We get you up and running quickly with data import features, rapid on-boarding applications like MA Source™, and over a hundred embedded how-to videos throughout our application.

Built By Maintenance People For You

O ur founders started building maintenance software as far back as 1987, and have been elbow-deep in repairs and maintenance for decades - so maintenance is in our DNA. We've seen this industry grow and mature, and have used our street-level knowledge and experience to create one of the best CMMS solutions out there. And take comfort knowing that our CEO uses our software to manage his maintenance activities too!

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Problems We Help Our Customers Solve With MACMMS

  • Unscheduled, costly maintenance    
  • Poor asset utilization    
  • Lack of flow-through visibility on maintenance costs    
  • High COGS originating from rework and downtime    
  • Lack of access to critical, timely information    
  • Poor records management (manuals, reporting, scheduling, warranties, suppliers)    
  • Poor logistics, supply chain and inventory management    
  • Help fulfill Insurance, Regulatory and Compliance requirements    
  • Reduce company risk and improve worker safety
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How We Conduct Our Business

W e listen to our customers to get our software right and build only the tools they need to get the job done. Over 5,000 customers have participated in our on-line feature request program, and we’ve released over 250 upgrades to our product in response. We play fair and don’t overcharge our customers, with a fully exposed live test drive on our web site, transparent pricing, and no hidden costs. We keep it simple, by letting our customers decide which features they want to turn on, making sure our CMMS is “right-sized” for every customer. We earn our customer’s loyalty every day by building great software and providing exceptional service with no long-term contracts required. We are committed to data security, privacy and portability, after all its your data and its important. We are thought leaders, employing PhD level researchers to create interesting and useful blogs, whitepapers, infographics and articles on important maintenance topics. And we hire only experienced developers to bring you the best user experience.

We are your Experienced Maintenance Partner

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